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At Custom Cartons, every custom box we create is made just for you. With the ability to customize every inch of your box design, inside and out, our state of the art printing ensures you'll love the quality of your finished packaging boxes.

From small parts chipboard packaging to pads/slip sheets, partitions, set-up boxes, cores, and small parts corrugated boxes, you can count on Custom Cartons to deliver the highest quality chipboard/corrugated products at the lowest pricing available.

We also have specialty die-cutting capabilities that include our chipboard partition die cutter and assembly equipment to provide custom and standard sized partitions for almost any application.

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Personalized Services

Custom carton design

Our on-site, six-color perfector press can handle virtually any package-printing job, from simple one-color printed boxes to dazzling full-color retail packaging… Learn more »

Offset, full color printing

With our 6-color offset perfector printer, we produce clean, clear print jobs that burst with color. For an extra special touch to help you stand out from the crowd, add the opulence and brilliance of gold, silver, or pearlescent hues with our hot stamping method… Learn more »

Die cutting

When your custom packaging design includes features like curves, unique folds, cutouts such as windows or handholds, angles other than 90 degrees, or perforation, the use of a custom die is employed… Learn more »

Just-in-time delivery

At Custom Cartons, we can accommodate just-in-time delivery scheduling so that you always have the packaging you need when you need it, without worrying about dry storage of overstock boxes… Learn more »

Hangers/Header Cards

It can be tricky to find suitable display packaging for your products. It’s essential to keep the packaging simple enough to showcase your products, yet protected from accidental damage. Hanging packaging can both display and protect your products with ease… Learn more »

Folding Cartons

Folding paperboard cartons come in seemingly endless styles and dimensions. Custom Cartons can help you create unique packaging that stands out from the crowd… Learn more »


During the journey to your package's intended destination, it can take quite a beating. Boxes could be dropped or improperly secured, even if the box is marked as fragile. The most effective way to prevent your goods from ending up cracked or damaged is using fiberboard partitions… Learn more »

Rigid Set-up Boxes

A set-up box is a two-piece cardboard box that cannot be broken down flat without being destroyed. For example, games manufacturers almost always choose rigid set-up boxes for durability… Learn more »

Pallet Pads and Sheets

Custom Cartons specializes in pallet pads and sheets that provide simple yet cost-effective protection for your custom products from the dirt, moisture, nails, and splinters that plague wooden pallets… Learn more »


Made from wood pulp fiber, paper cores are strong cardboard tubes or cylinders created for a wide range of applications. Traditionally paper cores and tubes are used in packaging and shipping and also as a sturdy base around which to wind materials for storage or distribution… Learn more »