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If you are looking for the highest quality printed pieces, lithographic offset presses are the best choice.
Six-Color Offset Perfector Press with Hot Stamping

Advantages of offset printing compared with other printing methods include:

  • The 4-color CMYK printed images are consistently high quality, and any text is highly legible.

  • The production of printing plates is quick and easy.

  • The plate life of offset press plates is longer than with direct litho presses, which allows for the use of the plates for a greater length of time.

  • Offset printing is the cheapest method for producing high-quality print jobs in commercial printing quantities.

  • A spot color (or a solid color ink used in a single run) can be used when a color needs to be an accurate tone match for branding purposes.

With our 6-color offset perfector printer, we produce clean, clear print jobs that burst with color.

Custom Cartons can help you create affordable, consistently high-quality product packaging every time.

For an extra special touch to help you stand out from the crowd, add the opulence and brilliance of gold, silver, or pearlescent hues with our hot stamping (foil stamping) method.

Hot Stamp Logo Sample

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