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Custom Cartons specializes in pallet pads and sheets that provide a simple yet cost-effective upgrade to your pallets. Pallet pads and sheets are made from recycled chipboard and designed to protect your custom products from the dirt, moisture, nails, and splinters that plague wooden pallets.

A chipboard pallet pad helps create a stable foundation for your custom-designed boxes. When used with bagged items, pallet pads prevent products from bulging between the gaps in your shipping pallets.

Pallet sheets are often used part-way up a stack of products to help stabilize the pallet load and prevent tipping. When used on the top of a stacked skid, pallet sheets help protect your products from dirt, dust, water, and damage that occurs during stacking.

Whatever your needs, you can count on Custom Cartons to deliver the highest quality chipboard/corrugated products at the lowest pricing available. Contact us today!

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