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Why are print finishes used on custom-printed packaging?

Our print finishes can help printed packaging stand out by bringing the reader’s attention to the right spot and adding valued durability and elegance. Print is an important investment from a marketing budget that should generate a return. Packaging defects possible from an unprotected carton surface, such as scuffed or torn packaging and smeared fingerprints, don’t put a brand’s best look in front of potential customers, so it is vital to protect print investment with the best-suited coating.

UV Coating

UV Coating

UV (ultraviolet) coating is a transparent compound applied to a wet paper-product, then instantly dried by ultraviolet light. UV coating can be applied to an entire product, both front and back, or just on one side. Spot UV coating is also available, in which the ultraviolet coat is applied only to specific areas of the design (a great way to make logos or photos stand out). UV coating is water-resistant but not waterproof. It should not be confused with other types of paper finishing processes, such as aqueous coating and lamination. UV coating offers superior gloss and better protection to aqueous coatings.

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