Print Finish: Flood Varnish (Aqueous)

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Why are print finishes used on custom-printed packaging?

Our print finishes can help your printed products stand out by bringing the reader's attention to the right spot and making your packing more durable and elegant. Print is an investment from your marketing budget that needs to generate some return. Scuffed and torn packaging or smeared fingerprints don't let you put your best look in front of customers, so protect your investment with the best coating.

Custom Cartons Print Finishes

Flood Varnish - Aqueous

Varnish is a thin-protective layer that is applied to a printed sheet for protection or appearance. At Custom Cartons, our varnish is aqueous-based. Aqueous varnish is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating that is used to protect printed pieces. It provides a surface that deters dirt and fingerprints and looks beautiful on custom-printed cartons. For packaging purposes, varnishes are essentially clear ink that can be dull, satin, matte, or glossy. A flood varnish covers the entire surface for protection or sheen.

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