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Whatever the occasion, it is always enjoyable to watch someone open a gift that's just for them. This exact emotion is essentially what people love about watching product unboxing videos. The popularity of unboxing videos has demonstrated the importance of creating a unique packaging experience.

image descriptionSince the early days of product marketing, brands have endeavored to create packaging that grabs consumers' attention and sets a brand apart from the rest. Using bright colors, catchy slogans and detailed copy, marketers understand the ability of packaging drive sales.

In recent years, consumers’ expectations have risen, with 40% of consumers more likely to patronize companies that provide premium packaging. Further, another 40% of consumers say that brand packaging impacts their perception of a retailer.

There are simple ways to create a perfect unboxing experience.

  1. Brand Your Box. Set your box apart by marking with your own brand.

  2. Use Unique Packing Material. Using recyclable products stands out to consumers and is resourceful. Also using different fillers makes the unveiling of a product more intriguing.

  3. Include Important Inserts. Use partitions and custom die cuts to keep your products in place and safe.

  4. Add a Unique Fill If you have a unique box fill in mind that would put your product unboxing over the top we are more than prepared to help with that.

  5. Add a Personal Touch. Including a personalized note or a coupon in the box reminds consumers that they are important to you and worth going the extra mile!

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your consumer, you need to make your product memorable from start to finish. We can help you design the perfect box to give your consumers an enjoyable experience they will never forget!

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