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Custom Cartons is reinvigorating the art of foil stamping, offering a dazzling array of design possibilities for your packaging needs.

This specialty printing technique, which dates back to the late 19th century, combines metal dies, heat, and pressure to apply lustrous foil films to various products. Foil stamping is not just a printing process; it's a transformative art form that significantly enhances items' visual appeal and perceived value.

Foil Stamping by Custom Cartons

How It's Done

The foil stamping process involves a heated foiling die, impressing a thin foil layer onto your chosen substrate, be it paper, card, or other materials. The type of die – brass, magnesium, or copper – is selected based on your design's intricacy and the desired effect, ensuring a high-quality finish every time. The process adapts to your specific needs to offer an artistic flair and stand as a testament to your unique product, making foil stamping an investment that is worth its weight in gold (or silver, if you prefer!).

The possibilities are endless, whether it's adding a touch of elegance with metallic or holographic foils or going for a more subtle effect with matte or gloss pigments. Foil stamping at Custom Cartons is not just about making your products look good; it's about making them stand out in a crowded marketplace, adding significant value and appeal to your brand.

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