Substrate: Solid Unbleached Sulfate (SUS: Coated Natural Kraft)

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If you're looking for a material that has a smooth, flawless printable surface for stunning graphics with superior durability, SUS is an excellent choice.

Solid Bleached Sulfate

SUS – Solid Unbleached Sulfate (Coated Natural Kraft)

Solid Unbleached Sulfate (SUS) paperboard meets the food packaging industry's requirements in both the United States and Canada.

SUS paperboard is created with softwood pulp, which results in a tear-resistant material with the greatest strength-to-thickness of paper ratio. SUS has a smooth, coated surface that can be easily printed and a reputation for its durability and strength. This paperboard is used in many folding carton applications, and typical uses are consumer electronics, beverage carriers, hardware packaging, and dry food packaging, to name a few.

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