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Most people associate the word carton with memories of sipping milk in a school cafeteria surrounded by friends and food of perhaps a questionable quality. Fond memories aside though, cartons are made for and used for a wide variety of purposes. From delivering chocolate milk with a side of fries to millions of hungry teenagers to safely packaging the products and trinkets we use every day, custom-made cartons are an integral part of our retail marketplace.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to purchase products without packaging? Try to imagine buying a new pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry without a box… it’s a strange thought, isn’t it? Not only would each product have a high likelihood of being damaged in transit or handling, but the feeling of “opening the box”, of receiving something new and untarnished, would be missing. Proper packaging is also crucial for food and edible products as it decreases the possibility of contamination and keeps food fresh.

Today, environmentally friendly and recycled materials are used more than ever to create memorable product purchasing and unboxing experiences. This allows the modern consumer to enjoy the feeling of opening a gift with minimal waste and environmental impact.

If you are looking for custom packaging to enhance your brand and grow your business, look no further! Custom Cartons’ advanced facility can produce everything from custom drink carriers, box partitions, and die-cut folded cartons to paper cores and tubes. Contact us today to see what we can create for you.

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