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Packaging design, as a selling tool, is most effective when a designer has determined a specific consumer group to target.

By considering the demographics of your intended audience and what attributes your package needs to capture their attention, you create a clear focus. A clearly defined target market helps to determine design strategies and relays the message you want to communicate with your product. In the competitive retail arena, the packaging design must visually stimulate interest with unique features and affect a consumer's purchasing decision—all in the blink of an eye.

Another thing to consider is the location in which you are selling your product. Think about the location of where your product will be sold and the view of the package your audience will have. If the product is on the ground your consumers will be looking down on it, so make the top eye-catching. Also, consider the geographic location. Make sure you are aware of all the customs if you are selling in a different country or to a different culture. For instance, green is banned in Indonesia. So, consider cultural guidelines and other environmental variables when designing.

At Custom Cartons we want to help you present your consumer with packaging that has distinct features that command attention at first glance.

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