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We strive to make the packaging for our products eye-catching and stand out on the shelf and appeal to our consumers. However, once we can grab the consumers' attention, how do we make our brand last?

A box can be more than just a temporary container for your product, it can be used to make your brand a part of your consumers' daily lives.

  1. Target your audience–What is amazing about children is their ability to find joy in the simple things. Yes, they enjoy complex toys, but also find great pleasure in a basic box. Consider designing your packaging to turn into a unique shape, or have a fun print that kids would want to play with, or even print something inside for consumers to cut out and color.

  2. Storage or Organization – Think of ways your packaging can be used beyond the transportation of your product. Utilizing partitions, cores, and sturdy materials you can turn your branded box into a convenient, organization tool that consumers will want to hang on to.

  3. It’s what's inside that counts – We have heard this phrase many times in our lives and now we can apply it to your custom packaging. Focus on making the inside as valuable as the outside. To keep your container useful from the inside out, consider adding print inside the box such as inspirations quotes, jokes, signs or graphics or even activities like recipes, puzzles, or a feedback card.

Here at Custom Cartons, whatever unique packaging design you can dream up, we can make happen. Let us help you extend your brand into the future.

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