Substrate: Clay Coated Recycled Paperboard (CCNB & CCKB)

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Custom Cartons - Clay Coated Recycled Paperboard

Our Clay Coated Recycled Board (CRB) comes in two different types. CCNB (Clay Coated News Back) and CCKB (Clay Coated Kraft Back).

Both of these paperboards are made of 100% recycled paper. The double-coated clay-coated surface is perfect for the printing of eye-catching graphics. The consistency of both of these coated recycled boards is excellent, from batch to batch. Both can be easily cut, hot-stamped, or laminated and meet multiple national requirements for food contact packaging.

CCNB has a white printable glossy-coated surface on one side and is gray on the back. This paperboard is very commonly used for high volume folding carton packaging for items such as pasta or cereal.

CCKB has a white printable glossy-coated surface on one side and a brown kraft-paperboard back. This paperboard is commonly used for direct food contact.

Custom Cartons CCKB

At Custom Cartons, we strive to achieve the highest quality product standards and outstanding customer service. For more information on our Clay Coated Recycled Paperboard, or if you have questions about our other products, please feel free to give us a call today.

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