Boxing for a Social Cause

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A B-Corporation is a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. These companies consider the global impact of their decisions and see business as a powerful tool to build credibility, trust, and value worldwide. Regardless of your business incorporation, you can be socially engaged.

You can use your brand and packaging to influence social changes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to see your brand utilized for a good cause. For example, use your brand to encourage and promote taking care of the environment. Create a hashtag such as #plantatree and have your customers take a selfie of them planting a tree. Some other ideas could include printing literature or brochures to include in your packaging, encouraging customers to visit a website printed on your packaging supporting a cause that is significant to your business, or your box could become a sign as a reminder of a social cause.

One major social concern is recycling and the amount of waste produced by industrialized countries. Consider the re-use of the box to extend the life of the brand and avoid waste. At Custom Cartons we also offer environmentally friendly materials to use for your box.

Consider your client base and determine a social cause close to your brand. Inspire your customers with that passion and have them engage with your business goals - from putting missing children on a milk carton, to encouraging customers to re-use and recycle.

Working together with your business we can help you box for a great social cause.

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